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Journey Productions and Double M Arts & Events


Created and Performed by Scott Silven
Text by Rob Drummond
Video Design by Jeff Sugg
Sound Design by Gareth Fry
Music by Jherek Bischoff

An extraordinary landscape. A powerful connection. A unique moment in time. 

An all-new, immersive and intimate experience, live and online, that will captivate and astonish you. Hear a long-forgotten story, reveal the mysteries of your own mind and unlock the secrets of Silven’s glorious Scottish homeland through incredible illusions and feats of imagination.

Limited to only 30 households per show, this remarkable interactive experience explores your sense of home and the transformative power of place. Join others in this virtual event like no other, and discover the path that connects you to Silven’s past, your own present and a collective future. The Journey awaits. 



“Is it astounding? Absolutely.”

     New York Times – Critic’s Pick

“Allie Winton Butler’s production is a swirl of projections and music, with the audience superimposed on the walls and windows as required. It’s a technical marvel that, in combination with the storytelling and magic, creates the illusion of a deeper meaning at play.”

     The Guardian



Written by Matt Hartley

Performed by Mary Gapinski and Louise Haggerty

There’s a celebration in the local hall, and you’re invited… 

Elsie has lived in the same village for sixty years, she’s seen people come and go, the world change and shift around her. Here I Belong tells the story of village life through the eyes of one woman, and the people who come in and out of her life.

A charming, uplifting meditation on rural life, community and growing old.


“A beautifully written play that so truthfully reflects the everyday routine – punctuated by occasional moments of great magic and deep sadness – that makes up most modern British lives.  Allie Winton Butler’s well pitched production and a pair of near-perfect performances have impressive warmth and skill.”

      The Scotsman


At Gladstone’s Land – Edinburgh Festival

National Trust for Scotland



Co-directed with Ben Harrison

A Game of Death and Chance occupied three floors of the 500-year old Gladstone’s Land tenement on the Lawnmarket on the Royal Mile.

Reflecting on the terrible experience of living in 17th century Scotland, a time visited by war, plague and the frenzied grip of a Convenanting Kirk, the show gave audiences the power to choose from three possible narratives in each room, by the choice of a tankard, the pick of a card, the roll of a dice, or the selection of a particular tea. Due to the element of chance, there were 81 possible variations of the show.


“A better class of historical re-enactment…slickly put together and the performances are vigorous and engaging.”

      The Scotsman

“This interactive and immersive production at Gladstone’s Land is strengthened by stellar performances.”

      The Skinny


In Motion Theatre Company. Tron Theatre, Traverse Theatre.



Written by Jo Lennie

Musical Direction by David Higham

Cast – Chris Alexander, Sarah McCardie, Martine McMenemy

Band – Calum Cronin, Matt Carmichael, Paddy Nolan

A washed out photograph

And that’s the only Lily I can remember.

A play with songs set in a run down piano bar, Lily is the story of a missing teenage girl and the people left behind after her disappearance. It’s a story about losing someone, losing yourself and trying to find your way back.

A darkly comic play about missing people, crime and media interference with music and songs woven throughout. Featuring music from vintage swing to country to modern pop, the onstage jazz band provide an atmospheric soundtrack with the characters using song to reveal inner truths and darker realities.


“A wonderful piece of new theatre with exceptional vocals and a compelling story.”

“A brilliant piece of new writing following the lives and stories of three complex characters, ‘Lily’ took the audience on an exhilarating journey of emotions, from deep belly laughs to the gut wrenching horror that unfolded in front of our eyes.”


Originally produced by A Play, A Pie and a Pint. Scottish tour and Edinburgh Festival Fringe



Written by Linda Duncan McLaughlin

Designed by Alice Wilson

Lighting Design by Laura Hawkins

Sound Design by Pauline Morgan

Cast: Fiona MacNeil, Wendy Seager and Greg Powrie (original cast – Barrie Hunter).

“If you love someone you stick by them, no matter what happens.  Because that’s the deal. Isn’t it?” 

50-somethings Rob and Cathy are looking forward to reclaiming their own lives now that their daughter Nicola is grown-up and settled;  but looming over them is a threat that could rip their future apart.   Descent explores what happens as they try to hold on to each other – and themselves – in the face of early onset dementia.   

Descent doesn’t flinch from the heartbreak they face – but it also celebrates the courage, the hope and the humanity they bring to the fight.



Nominated for Best New Play, CATS (Critics Award for Theatre Scotland) 2016

“Straightforwardly powerful and heartbreaking”

      The Scotsman

“Powerful and shocking,  grabs you with an intense passion that doesn’t ever hold back.”

      All Edinburgh Theatre

“A powerful experience which brims with insights and profound emotional depth.”

      The List





Created by the company with text by Becci Sharrock


Produced by Becci Sharrock

Performed by Lauren Hurwood and Luca Rutherford

Letters to Myself is a new small scale theatre show that looks at the advice we would give to our past, present or future selves. It explores ideas of self-value, self-reflection and collective knowledge and experience. It has been created following extensive public engagement in 10 wards of low arts engagement in South Shields and Sunderland, where we invited people to write a letter to themselves for the project. The results were generous, intimate sharings of personal experiences in letter form.

“I ache for you because I know there are whole days, weeks even when it feels like it will never get better…that all you will ever feel is raw and dirty and untouchable. You aren’t. You are beautiful and precious and none of the things that have happened to you are your fault.”

The piece is a loving protest against our critical inner voice, recognition of our mistakes and shared regret and a celebration of our daily triumphs. 


“Letters to Myself is something really quite special and an experience that will stay with me for a long time.  It’s life affirming, powerful and honest.”

      Culture Bean

“My experience last night was unique. Letters to Myself is a creative and poignant scripted play-meets-unscripted forum. Both the performers and the audience members embrace dual roles as narrators and listeners, making it an immersive and memorable experience.”

      Daily Info