4.6 million people living in poverty in the UK. 
One woman living alone. 

“These people ought to be drowned in our local rivers or lakes. Lock them up or sterilise them.” 

Nino is a darkly comic performance inspired by one woman’s experience of living in poverty and grappling with the benefits system; struggling to get by every day, with not much more than her imagination to keep her going. We never hear her speak, but we see into the absurdity and bleakness of her reality, and the voices that surround her, telling her she’s worth nothing because she has nothing. 

Part clown, part dance, part soundscape, Nino is a unique and searing exploration of poverty and the benefits system in contemporary Britain.

Created by Allie Winton Butler, Melanie Jordan, Charlotte Hall and Becci Sharrock. 

Performed by Melanie Jordan

Sound Design by Susan Bear