“Fun, saucy, and inventive. Cabaret with a clear sense of subversion” The List
In a world where Reds are strictly segregated and under curfew, artists have been forced underground. Forming highly secret cabaret clubs they use their skills to survive, scraping a living from the contributions of customers, whether Reds seeking fellowship, Red sympathisers or non-Reds drawn to the titillating taboo of Titian beauty. REaD focuses on one such club: The Scarlet Church where the performers’ illicit existence necessitates the keeping of Red secrets and the avoidance of any kind of behaviour which might impact on the club’s fragile security.

As a cabaret within a play REaD features song, dance, cutting edge performance poetry alongside frank anecdotes and defiant battle cries. There’s a hilarious rollercoaster ride through Red history from pre-Raphaelite exotica to popular culture, seamlessly merged with a powerful and challenging story examining social exclusion and prejudice with a distinctly poetic voice.

No matter what you read into REaD there are multitudes of facets to the redhead: for scarlet, russet, auburn, ginger, strawberry blonde – read fiery, racy, voluptuous, pugnacious, rip-roaring girls and wondrous women.

A show that’s part catwalk, part political rally, part support group for underdogs everywhere, REaD is a celebration of individuality, resilience – and the sheer joy of having red hair.

Cast – Belle Jones, Sarah McCardie and Linda McLaughlin

Poetry and text – Kevin P. Gilday

Musical Direction – Sarah McCardie

Additional music – Pauline Morgan

Set and costume design – Alice Gooden